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Monday, September 13, 2021

Marion Oaks residents write in asking for more parks in southwest portions of city, county

A couple of Marion Oaks residents wrote in to Ocala-News.com recently to share their desire to see another park built in their area.

“We live in South West Marion Oaks, which is experiencing enormous growth. Where are the families to go? A park with benches would be very nice,” says Sharmain Loe. Loe says she believes “Marion is a beautiful place to live,” but that the Ocala National Forest isn’t the best alternative for some families. 

Loe says she would like to see a family park and possibly a “dog pen” closer to the southwest portion of Marion Oaks. 

A map of parks across Marion County and another of Ocala show a dearth of parks in the southwestern portions of the city and county.

Marion County parks within county limits
Marion County parks within county limits

Ocala parks within city limits
Ocala parks within city limits

Theresa Clyburn shared a similar opinion in a letter to the editor.

“I live in Marion Oaks, it would be great to have a park in the vicinity, I have to go to Silver Springs,” says Clyburn. She believes there is ample land in the area for a park.

“Why isn’t there a park? Not a community center or basketball facility, but a park, where families can eat out around a lake, just like in Silver Springs,” says Clyburn.

Are there other parts of the city and county where you’d like to see a new park? Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.