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Monday, September 27, 2021

Southwest Ocala needs bakery, Chick-fil-A, water park

To the Editor:

I’m originally from South Florida with its ocean breeze and come to know, in the last 12 years that Ocala is the hottest City in Florida with it’s high humidity in the summer time. I have been saying for a while now that we could use a nice large refreshing Water Park for the Summers. Can make it a duel dry and wet park with a nice playground and pic-nic area for the autumn/winter season. Maybe find a place in SW Ocala where there are large areas of land and lots of family home development happening right now. Not the beautiful land where the ranches are (by Liberty school is) where that new through road leading to 200th is though. That is so beautiful Ocala and I hope it will never be sold for development.

We have been saying for a long time now that it would also be nice to have a good “home” bakery in SW Ocala too. We rely on Publix bakery but I think a mom and pop “authentic” bakery would be appreciated by most. I bet they would have a challenge keeping up with the demand for their baked goods! We don’t need anymore restaurants, there’s too much competition, I feel.

But….. we could use another Chick-Fil-A in SW around OTOTW. We waited in line during the production of our order today like we were at a Disney World exhibit! The anticipation of actually getting that bag of chicken delicious goodness was the highlight of our day and made us feel like we were taking part of the most spectacular event in Ocala! The one at I-75 & 200th. Crazy, but sooo good! Yep people love their Chick-Fil-A.

I want to say that my sister just moved here a year ago from South Florida and she has taken on the role of alerting the City of pot holes in the area. Pot holes were intolerable in South Florida and were rare. We definitely need infrastructure funds for our roads and the political mindset to make it happen.

In closing, I’d like to say that when I moved here 12 yrs. ago, I called the budget truck rental. The guy that worked there said that I was the 5th person that week that called to get a truck to move to Ocala. That was in 2008. I’m sure there is a massive surge now coming here which we can all see and feel. I just hope we can keep up and accommodate without completely loosing all our horse country in SW Ocala. I feel that Silver Springs is our Ocala Icon and should be preserved. My sisters and I would come here on vacation to Silver Springs before there was a Disney World, it was Cypress Gardens and Silver Springs.

Okay, so that was 5 thoughts in one letter. I have been putting off participating in this “letters to the editor” and getting it out all in one.
(I hope you find you can use some of these thoughts. I feel passionate towards all of them with exception to the Chick Filet).

Renee Spehar

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