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Friday, September 10, 2021

Agendas are the ‘grocery lists’ of Ocala government meetings

Agendas are the “grocery lists” that keep Ocala, and all local government meetings, from veering out of focus. 

An agenda sets forth the topics to be discussed at any meeting of a governmental body. Across the county, every meeting of the Ocala City Council, local advisory boards, the Marion County Commission, or any other governmental agency or department is governed by an agenda list.

These lists include topics that have been discussed in the past (old business), as well as topics being introduced/read for the first time (new business). 

In Ocala, an agenda is made public in advance of every government meeting. 

These agendas are generally published at least 24 hours before a meeting takes place. 

Publication of an agenda is a critical precursor to civic engagement, as it keeps residents abreast of whether or not a meeting will have topics of discussion relevant to a particular individual, group, community, or area within Ocala.

Perhaps of equal importance, government agendas keep governing bodies and members of the public focused on the topics at hand. Although there are opportunities for general public comment, most public comment during government meetings must apply to one of the topics included on an agenda.

In the city of Ocala, agendas and meetings are listed through an easy-to-access online portal.

For those interested in obtaining more information on one of the items in an agenda, the city makes “agenda packets” available. These packets at times include hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages of documents associated with the topics listed on a given agenda. 

If unable to attend a meeting or if uninterested in watching them via the City of Ocala’s meeting recording archive, the city generally offers synopses of all of its meetings. 

For more information on upcoming meetings of the city and its various boards, visit the City of Ocala Agendas and Meetings webpage.