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Friday, September 24, 2021

Ocala residents write more letters requesting Costco

Ocala residents have flooded Ocala-News.com with dozens of letters in recent weeks regarding their desire to see a Costco move into the area.

“Please bring Costco to the Ocala area! Ocala is a growing city and needs another option for shopping at a big warehouse store. The residents of Ocala don’t want to make the 1-2 hour drive one way to go to Costco in another city. Why are we supporting those cities when the jobs and money can benefit Ocala,” says Ocala resident Vicki Briggs.

“It seems that it is a moot point to keep begging for a Costco here in Ocala. I just don’t understand the reasons for not getting one. I know the population could more than sustain the business. Someone help me understand, please” says Kay Travis of Ocala.

John Lazaruis says he’d like to see a Costco and no more car washes or gas stations.

Alice Bair says the new development will require additional grocers, especially in southwest Ocala.

“We really need a Costco here on the southwest side of Ocala, Florida! With all the new homes going in around us, it would be very busy” says Alice Bair.

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