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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Marion Oaks resident shares video of bear chowing down on trash

A black bear was spotted chowing down on trash in Marion Oaks last month.

The following video was shared with us by one of our readers who lives in the Marion Oaks Community, located in the southern half of the county.

The 1-minute video shows a relatively docile black bear grabbing a bag of garbage with its mouth before laying it down next to a car and sorting through its contents.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, black bear breeding season runs from June to August and cubs are born around late January or early February. The commission estimates that there are nearly 5,000 black bears in Florida. 

About 80 percent of a black bear’s diet comes from plants (e.g., fruits, nuts, berries), 15 percent from insects (e.g., termites, ants, yellow jackets) and 5 percent from meat (e.g., opossums, armadillos, carrion), according to the FWC.