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Thursday, October 7, 2021

Marion County residents weigh in on commercial flights to Ocala International Airport

In response to a letter in support of Ocala’s airport featuring more commercial flights, residents across Marion County wrote in and shared their thoughts about the city’s airport needs.

“I totally agree with the person that wrote about commercial airlines arriving and departing to better our community. Further, driving to Gainesville or Sanford is a ridiculous waste of time and expense. The Ocala International Airport expansions over the last few years have made it worth it. The financial benefits would make it more than worth it to the residents and community. Expansion of area growth deems it necessary. The City of Ocala and Marion County Board of Commissioners need to take this seriously and approve it,” says Robert Faeges of Ocala.

“I agree with Michael Drake on getting commercial flights from the Ocala Airport. I travel to the Sanford Airport where Ocala would be closer and convenient,” says Dunnellon resident Jean Hall.

“Any growing city like Ocala needs commercial aviation transportation. Is there a reason for the delay,” says retired American Airlines employee Kenneth Hollenbach of Ocala.

“I would like to ask for serious consideration for making our airport a commercial airport. Ocala is growing rapidly. Houses and businesses are going up all over Ocala. We now need a commercial airport. It is time,” says Marie Callahan of Ocala.

Some residents were not so keen on the idea of new services at the airport.

“No, no, no! We do not need any more growth in Ocala, airport or restaurants or anything! Orlando International is not far, so no, we do not need a bigger airport with more airlines,” says Ocala resident Marta Varnell.

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