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Thursday, December 2, 2021

City of Ocala’s online theft reporting system is a ‘disgrace’

To the Editor:

I am a former police chief from Pennsylvania. I served in a small community. I lived in Pittsburgh for about 6 years, in a city of over 302,000 people. If you call Pittsburgh Police non-emergency, they will dispatch an officer if your credit cards are stolen and especially getting alerts as my cards are being used.

Here, in this place, you have to do an online form that does not work. Then a police officer is dispatched to bring you a paper to fill out, while I am getting messages my card is being used.

“Nothing we can do sir.”

Yeah, go arrest the perpetrator as we speak, I am getting alerts at this location.

“Nothing we can do.”

This city re-elected a failed mayor, is about to elect a failed council, like how many more gas stations you want to cram in here?

I love police but the elected officials stop them from doing their jobs. I served on city council, I served as director of public safety. The online reporting is a disgrace to the taxpayers of this city. A sad disgrace. Let the police do their jobs! The officer wanted to go and make an arrest but could not because of your ridiculous failed policies.

Aaron Hendricks

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