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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ocala Subway restaurant temporarily closed after failed health inspection

An Ocala Subway was temporarily closed after an inspector found seven health code violations, including three considered high priority.

According to a health inspection report filed by a health inspector with the Florida Department of Business and Profession Regulation, Subway, which is located inside the Walmart at 34 Bahia Avenue, was shut down on Monday, November 8 after a failed inspection.

Among the issues the restaurant was cited for were three high priority violations, including the presence of flies and rodent activity.

The report states that eight rodent droppings were found on shelves containing single service items under the cookie display at the front counter, and one rodent dropping was on the floor in the back room under the clean dish rack. Flies were also found in the kitchen, food preparation area, and food storage areas.

The restaurant was permitted to reopen after no violations were found upon a follow-up inspection on Tuesday, November 9.