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New Mexican restaurant opening near Paddock Mall

A new Mexican restaurant is currently under build-out at an Ocala plaza next to the Paddock Mall.

Waffle House planning new Ocala location

Waffle House is planning to open a new restaurant in southwest Ocala, which will be the franchise's sixth location in the city.

Crumbl Cookies making progress on first Ocala location

A cookie brand that has opened hundreds of locations across the country in the past few years is nearing completion of its first spot in Ocala.

Construction underway for drive-thru coffee chain’s second Marion location

A drive-thru coffee brand that expanded into Marion County earlier this year is currently working on its second location in the area.

Bakery closing Ocala location seven months after opening

A cheesecake baker says he will close his brick-and-mortar location in Ocala at the end of this month, just over seven months after it first opened. 

Greek restaurant chain working on new Ocala location

A new Greek restaurant chain with locations across two dozen states is currently building out its first location in Ocala, just a couple of doors down from the new Crumbl Cookies.

Have you tried this Ocala restaurant’s chicken and waffles?

An Ocala restaurant that specializes in fried chicken, waffles, and southern favorites recently moved to a new location within the city. 

Popular diner working on second location in east Ocala

A diner that opened its first location in southwest Ocala in 2021 is working on a new, second location in the northeast part of the city.

Three Ocala sub shops will donate 100% of sales to charity on March 27.

Three Ocala sandwich shops will participate in a national "Day of Giving," donating 100 percent of their sales on March 27 to a local charity that helps women obtain mammographs.

Latin fusion food truck joins Ocala scene

A new vendor cooking up Latin fusion flavors from various countries has joined Ocala's growing food truck scene. 

Free drinks at new drive-thru coffee spot in Belleview

A drive-thru coffee chain that opened its first location in Belleview last month will offer free drinks during its grand opening celebration this week. 

Jersey Mike’s opens new west Ocala location

A national sandwich chain opened its third location in Ocala last week.

Popeyes opening new location in Ocala

Popeyes has announced plans to open a new location in Ocala within one of the most well-trafficked facilities in the city. 

Best St. Patrick’s Day spots in Ocala

From corned beef and cabbage, to green beer specials, multiple establishments across the city are "going green" to celebrate St. Patrick's Day on Sunday.

Why are Crave Hot Dog locations closing across the country?

In the months before and after Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ briefly opened and closed in Ocala, at least ten other franchise locations have suffered similar fates and closed within short timeframes. 

New Ocala food truck serving seafood sandwiches and Puerto Rican appetizers

A new food truck that specializes in seafood sandwiches and Puerto Rican appetizers has just opened for business and is regularly selling out of the Ocala Food Trucks village in Marion Oaks.

Have you tried this New York-style pizza in south Ocala?

A pizzeria that opened recently in south Ocala announced that it will expand its hours and days of operation.

Villager loves Ocala, travels to city for ‘great dining experiences’

"Although I live in The Villages, if I want a great dining experience, I usually drive to Ocala" - A resident of The Villages who wrote in to name a few of her favorite places to eat in Ocala says she loves the city and its restaurants. What are your favorite places to eat in Ocala?

New Mexican restaurant opens in downtown Ocala

A new Mexican restaurant has opened in downtown Ocala, replacing the former Cuban restaurant that occupied the space for the past several years.

New Ocala food truck village open 7 days a week

Over two dozen food trucks serving a variety of cuisines, including Mexican, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, and Dominican, are now open for business weekly in Marion Oaks. 

Chick-fil-A in Ocala temporarily closing for remodel

One of the three Chick-fil-A locations in Ocala will temporarily close to undergo renovations. 

Biggby Coffee opens new location in Ocala

A new coffee shop in Ocala celebrated its grand opening this week. 

Ocala restaurant closes for 9th time since 2022 due to roaches

A Chinese restaurant that failed four consecutive health inspections last August due to rodent and roach activity was forced to close again last week after failing another four consecutive health inspections. 

Ocala diner temporarily closes due to roaches

A diner in southwest Ocala was forced to temporarily shut down last week after roaches were spotted during a health inspection.