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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Workout Anytime opening new gym in Dunnellon

Workout Anytime is opening a new gym at a popular shopping center in Dunnellon.

The new business is currently pre-selling its products and services and says it plans to open in Rainbow Square at 11352 North Williams Street in the coming weeks.

The new gym will feature treadmills, bikes, stairclimbers, and other exercise equipment, as well as certified personal trainers and tanning equipment.

In addition to featuring state-of-the-art equipment, Workout Anytime offers a custom-built app that enables members to track workout progress and watch instructional videos.

Workout Anytime currently operates nearly 200 locations across the United States, including 17 in the Sunshine State.

Just last month, another business celebrated a grand opening when River Monster Comics opened its new comic store just across the street, in Dunnellon Plaza. That business sells new comics, toys, collectibles, and games, among other items.

For more information on the gym, its services, and its memberships, visit the Workout Anytime Dunnellon location webpage.

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