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Monday, January 17, 2022

More Ocala residents share their thoughts on state’s treatment of seniors

In response to a recent Letter to the Editor that voiced concerns over the amount of benefits that the state’s senior citizens receive, Ocala residents wrote in and shared their thoughts and concerns on the topic:

“In regards to the recent article about the need for an increase in SNAP benefits for senior citizens: not only should there be a substantial increase, but let’s make it easier to apply. I have long thought that they should be able to use a portion for paper products, cleaning supplies, and personal products. Many seniors feel pushed aside in our society. It’s no less comfortable to be hungry at 85 than it is at 5,” says Ocala resident Linda Goins.

“In North Carolina, regardless of how much social security you get, the seniors that are on social security automatically get $250 in food stamps. North Carolina’s governor makes sure their seniors are taken care of. Florida doesn’t care about the seniors,” says Sonja Ritter, Ocala resident.

“Having reached the age of 65, owning their own home, having worked and paid taxes for 40-plus years, do the elderly deserve help? They’ve grown frail, pained, and broken from a lifetime of hard work. Few factory workers get pensions, leaving them dependent on the social security and medicare payments that they’ve paid into all their life. They aren’t scamming SNAP for a measly $20. I believe it’s the government scamming us. They take our money (taxes, fees, assessments, etc.) from us to take care of us, but in reality they spend it on themselves or waste it on pet projects, instead of those in true need. How many politicians are on food stamps or are worried about their next meal or eviction over taxes? After witnessing our own county commissioners turn their backs to those in need and choosing to benefit the minority over the majority in many areas, it is my hope that they will be replaced with more compassionate leaders. Treating the elderly so stingy is a reflection on the leadership here in Marion County. What’s happened to respecting your elders? You’re standing on their shoulders. You wouldn’t be here without them. May God bless our leaders with a sense of compassion, and our elderly with enough to see them through this life in comfort,” says Ocala resident Joy Rumans.

“My future mother-in-law is in her 70’s and can barely pay her rent. She can’t afford to eat even two meals a day. She has been told that $20 is all she can get in food stamps. How is a person supposed to survive on that? Our government needs to get their priorities straight. We have turned a blind eye to our senior citizens. Shame on you, Ron DeSantis,” says Maria Armstrong, Ocala resident.

“First, I want to say that our governor is awesome. Now, I have friends on social security who have applied for food stamps and get $16 a month. A couple of our friends told me that when interviewed for food stamps, they get asked about their race. Why? I have friends living below poverty level that get $16 a month and how much does the government give illegals? Not our governor, the government itself. It seems the illegals are getting the bulk of our money and benefits, and this should be taken up with the present powers in the White House. It is a political thing. Yes, food stamps are a state issue. However, when those that take the applications are more concerned with race than necessity, we have a problem. This has been going on way before our governor took office. Why was it not addressed before?” says Ocala resident Marta Varnell.

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