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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Ocala Fire Rescue’s Paramedicine, Vaccination teams awarded at city council meeting

The Ocala Fire Rescue’s Paramedicine and Vaccination teams were recognized with an award during this week’s city council meeting.

Council president Justin Grabelle presented the 2021 President’s Award during the Ocala City Council’s regular meeting on Tuesday.

Established in 2011, this award grants recognition to a city employee or group of employees for accomplishments of outstanding worth in advancing and improving service and quality of life to the citizens of Ocala.

The award is presented annually by the outgoing City Council president at their final meeting, and the accomplishments eligible for consideration vary widely due to the diverse work performed by city employees.

After announcing this year’s six nominees, Grabelle announced Ocala Fire Rescue’s Community Paramedicine Team and COVID-19 Vaccination Team as the 2021 award winners.

Ocala Fire Rescue's Paramedicine and Vaccination teams awarded at city council meeting
Ocala Fire Rescue’s Community Paramedicine and COVID-19 Vaccination teams are the 2021 winners of the President’s Award

“Offering off-site follow up services to chronically ill and uninsured patients, Community Paramedicine eliminated the disruption of care between hospital visits. This change has improved patient outcomes,” Grabelle said.

The Community Paramedicine Team includes Captain Ashley Andrews, Captain Jesse Blaire, FEO Tim Carver, Captain Brandi DuCoeur, Captain James Hickman, FEO Edward Munchel, Captain Josh Phillips, and Captain James Williams.

Grabelle then spoke about the Vaccination Team and said, “They inoculated not only able-bodied individuals who visited vaccination locations but drove to those who could not leave their homes to get vaccinated. They contributed to the vaccination of 2,621 residents and employees between December 2020 and October 2021.”

The COVID-19 Vaccination Team includes Captain Ashley Andrews, Captain Jesse Blaire, Firefighter Zack Buell, FEO Tim Carver, Captain Brian Cribbs, Firefighter Will Duryea, Captain Michael Ferguson, FEO Ed Floyd, Firefighter Jonathan George, Captain Richard Grubbs, Captain Brad Hardy, FEO Steve Hering, FEO Travis Maxfield, Captain Roseanne Moreland, FEO Ed Munchel, FEO Jacqueline Nettles, Captain Joe Talley, and Firefighter John Villella.

Grabelle added, “I just want to congratulate all of our nominees. Thank you all for the work you’ve done to make Ocala a great place to live, play, and prosper.”