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Ocala residents share thoughts on city’s transportation, garbage collection needs

In response to recent Letters to the Editor that talked about the growth of Ocala/Marion County, a few Ocala residents wrote in to share their thoughts on the city’s transportation and garbage collection needs:

“Take a ride down SW 60th onto SW 62nd Avenue and you will be sickened by the amount of garbage on the side of the road. Everything from an old plastic yard chair which has been sitting at the corner of 60th and 200 for months and a mattress that is on the side of the road at the intersection of 60th and 90th, right across from the new Publix that is being built. Road garbage has gotten horrible and its disgusting. The City Council needs to take immediate action to clean up our roads. Plastic, bottles, tarps, everything you can think of is on the side of the roads. Much of the trash is located right outside new construction developments. I have written before about the amount of new construction going on in Ocala and this is part of what we can see happening, in addition to the amount of traffic congesting our roads,” says Ocala resident Joseph Alberti.

“I, too, am a native Ocalan. I moved around with my husband in the military from 1975 until 1999. My words to my husband were, “I want to move from Virginia Beach back home to Slocala. I am tired of it taking me an hour to get to work and an hour to get home after working eight to ten hours a day.” When I moved back, I wanted to be in the city, but not downtown. I found a hidden community right by the mall, close to everything and I could walk. Have you tried to cross 200 lately between 32nd and 38th Avenue? It is next to impossible. As I prepared to go serve the community on Christmas Day, I saw a glimpse of what 200 used to be. Growth is good, but as growth happens, so must transportation. My quiet neighborhood has become a detour for traffic avoiding 200. I am not in a business zone, but I can no longer live quietly for having to play traffic cop for people getting lost in my community as they try to find an alternative to 200,” says Kat Crowell-Grate, Ocala resident.

“I came to Ocala in 2014. The lack of transportation is really bad, and what transportation you do have does not accommodate me at all. I am 58 years old and I work in a fast food restaurant. I am a full-time worker, I take public transportation, and I work on the southwest side of town. I live in town, and what should take me 15 minutes to get to work takes me an hour-and-a-half by bus. I’ve been at my job for four years and I live in a halfway house. I have a roommate and another roommate. I make $10 an hour. I cannot find a place of my own, a one-bedroom apartment is too expensive. I don’t really have time to do any entertaining due to the quality of transportation, but if I did have time, there’s nothing here to do. Our water park is gone and everything else just costs too much to do,” says Ocala resident Christina Foit.

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