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Monday, May 16, 2022

Multiple residents discuss littering issue on Marion County roads

A few local residents wrote in and shared their thoughts and concerns regarding the amount of litter on Marion County’s roads:

“I believe throwing trash on the ground is a learned behavior. Some acquaintances I know purchase lotto tickets, snacks, etc. and throw losers and wrappers right out of car windows and on the ground as they leave a business, and do it openly. I’m always shocked because they litter in front of me, their children, and grandchildren. This appears to be a learned behavior and education is needed; perhaps more television commercials, classroom discussion, and business enforcement might stop some of the garbage from ending up on our streets,” says Dunnellon resident Diane White.

“Please keep the trash and upkeep as an important discussion. We protest the turnpike extension. We should protest the upkeep of our city and county now. We need to care more and speak up, complain less,” says Susie Blanchard, Ocala resident.

“I live in Ocala National Forest and I see trash on the side of the road and it needs to change, or whoever runs Ocala needs to do something about it or step down. I would be glad to run for office and make a serious change for the better,” says Silver Springs resident Ted Heiman.

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