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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ocala resident discusses proposed I-75 extension

To the Editor:

It was 24 years ago that my husband and I bought property to retire in Ocala. We loved the area so much that we didn’t want to wait for retirement age and decided to move here right away. We recently sold our home and decided to move to Dunnellon, where there seems to be less traffic, quietness, and it’s in an area of serene beauty.

I understand that the Department of Transportation wants to extend the I-75 expressway, tearing up cities, wetlands, home subdivisions, and much more. It’s bad enough that the influx of new homes, apartments, and townhouse communities are being built by the droves. We will have a lot of protected trees, animals, and birds in harm’s way, and the traffic and noise will be horrendous.

There has to be other choices. Create an expansion north and south on I-75 to include an express lane.

Susan Gutterman
Ocala resident

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