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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Several residents discuss topic of litter in Ocala/Marion County

Several residents wrote in to share their thoughts and concerns on the topic of litter in Ocala/Marion County.

“Sorry, I don’t normally rant, but as a landscaper, it is absurd the amount of trash that is all over the place. Not only in our community, but neighboring counties as well. We live in a pretty nice area with plenty of water and attractions. The fact that the homeless and old folks can’t carry their trash to the designated bin is stupid. Aldi’s is a prime example, since I’m quite certain many of these places have public trash receptacles. Is it that hard to walk the five ounces of trash to the one-pound trash can? Also, I get it that old people are dying soon and they do not care, but come on, Villagers and seniors,” says Ocala resident Jameson Marley.

“A lot of this trash that you see in trash bags on the road is not necessarily from people tossing it. It’s because they don’t secure their loads and it falls off their truck/trailer. I have witnessed this many times going to the recycle centers. I’ve had to dodge trash bags falling off trucks. I have even dodged trash cans blowing out of a pickup bed after they were emptied because they were not secured. And this, of course, is in conjunction with all those who just toss their trash out the window. I’ve seen that many times,” says George Smith, Ocala resident.

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