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Saturday, August 6, 2022

School and district grades released, Marion school district moves closer to “B” grade

The Florida Department of Education has released school and district grades earlier today for the 2021-2022 school year, and Marion County Public Schools saw improvement in seven categories out of 11 that were counted this year for annual school grades.

According to MCPS, the school district earned 19 points over last year, and is now just a single point away from improving its district grade to a “B.”

Here are some of the highlights for Marion County Public Schools:

  • Twelve schools improved by at least one letter grade, including Anthony Elementary which went up by two letter grades.
  • A breakdown of the grades includes three “A” schools, 10 “B” schools, 32 “C” schools, and two “D” schools. One charter school earned a failing grade.
  • Oakcrest Elementary School maintained its “C” grade for the second year in a row, improving its point total by 50 points over last year.
  • Sparr Elementary School held its “B” grade for the second straight year, the first time that has happened in a decade.
  • Forest High School’s grade is an “I” (incomplete) for now. The Florida Department of Education stated that only 94% of students were tested, just shy of the 95% state requirement. The district has 30 days to appeal this result and will immediately review and analyze student data for any discrepancies. If necessary, the district will provide any additional information representing the academic progress of the school. In the event that the Commissioner of Education determines that the performance data for the school is representative of the school’s progress, the Commissioner will release the school grade at the end of the appeals period.
  • Last year, had all MCPS schools opted for a letter grade, the number of “D” schools this year would have decreased from 11 to 2.
  • Across the state, there are 14 “A” districts, 35 “B” districts, 16 “C” districts, and two “I” districts on this year’s report card.

For more information, visit the Florida Department of Education school grades webpage.