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Monday, January 16, 2023

More residents discuss Ocala/Marion County’s growth

In response to recent letters that discussed the growth of Ocala/Marion County, more residents from Ocala and Dunnellon wrote in to voice their thoughts and concerns on this topic.

“The gas stations and car washes are ruining the appearance of SW 200, starting from a little past Market Street. There is a gas station on almost every block through 484. I thought this is a residential area with so many private communities. With so many gas stations and car washes, and they are even constructing more of them, it makes the area look like an industrial area. Soon they will probably begin building warehouses. This is ridiculous. Most residents are complaining and the area is losing its charm. This needs to be stopped. Enough is enough,” says Ocala resident Emma Charles.

“In response to the letter of needing a bigger airport and more grocery stores, we do not. If you came here to complain about the small country life, why did you come here? Don’t change our way of life to fit yours. Stay in Atlanta. As grandmother used to say, bless your heart,” says Tom Phillips, Dunnellon resident.

“Yes, yes, yes. Costco should most definitely be a part of the growth in Ocala. It is very much needed. Ocala is a city on the rise with rapid growth. We are waiting,” says Ocala resident Arleen Bryant.

“I have lived here for 50-plus years. It used to be a quiet town, but not anymore. The influx of people is insane and the traffic is unbelievable. The Paddock Mall needs a major overhaul. You really need to go out of town to shop at the nicer malls that have a variety of nicer stores. They also need to clean up downtown where the homeless hang out. They are always asking people for money. Many places are hiring – go get a job,” says Maria Wynn, Ocala resident.

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