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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

More Ocala residents share their thoughts on local grocery store options

Several more residents from Ocala recently submitted letters to voice their thoughts on Ocala/Marion County’s grocery store needs.

“Don’t complain about Publix. I was here when Ocala got her first Publix, and it was the best market we had ever seen. They do a wonderful job, the people are nice, they treat their employees good, and most stay for years. You get to know people and trust them. I personally love Publix. Winn-Dixie started out good, slumped, and is now trying to recover. I’ve lived in big cities all over the U.S. and they do have very nice and expensive grocery stores, but Ocala is doing a great job for the size town we are. We are not a big city, so stop your complaining,” says Ocala resident Kay Voge.

“I agree that Costco is much better. They do have more of a variety of organic food, keto, and paleo items. The already-prepped foods are way better and delicious. I literally came off the plane this week and went to Costco in Orlando. I would shop more often if it was closer. Can we get information so we can write to Costco and hopefully get a store near us? Thanks,” says Valerie Cotto, Ocala resident.

“I’m new to the state. I come from Rhode Island, and we had great stores like Dave’s Market. They have fresh produce, meats, and seafood. Always stocked. Market Basket is very reasonably priced and stocked. Stop & Shop is located throughout the state. BJ’s lets you buy in bulk. I love all these stores. In the two months in Florida, we’ve tried Aldi, two Publix’s, and Winn-Dixie, along with Walmart. We had to go to a few stores to get everything we needed. Either they didn’t carry it or the prices were too high. The produce was not fresh. I definitely got spoiled in Rhode Island,” says Ocala resident Donna St. Lawrence.

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