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Ocala resident shares thoughts on voting ballots, roadside mowing, and street lights

To the Editor:

I’ve been thinking – why on our ballot (voting) is there not a party affiliation listed for certain people we’re to vote for? Like judges, for instance. I think every person running for an office should have a D (Democrat), R (Republican), or I (Independent) next to their name.

Why, you ask? Well, to be honest, some of the voters don’t get to meet with these candidates, and when they get to go vote in that category, all they see are the names of the candidates. How are all the voters who may want to vote a certain way supposed to cast their vote when that’s all they see? What I’m saying is that each category should have the people running for that office, along with their affiliate party next to their name.

Another thing – why isn’t there a company taking care of the county’s grass cutting along roadsides? I’ve been here going on 7 years now, and I’ve seen many instances where the roadside should have been mowed. Truthfully, I say it doesn’t look good. Sometimes it looks like it’s time to get the Bush Hog out in areas. Then again, some areas look presentable. Why?

Maybe the county could hire a company that specifically does that. People visiting from afar or out of state might look down on that and think the county is poor. Just saying.

I’ve also noticed that we got some of the new street lights, the LED kind. Now that’s an improvement. I’ve seen first-hand in a snowstorm in Tennessee that they really work great. And you see more around them too. I’ve even seen how well they work at night in a downpour. I think it’s supposed to save on electricity too. Maybe replace all the old lights that are left. It could help lower the electric bill for the county.

Bruce Cerny
Ocala resident

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