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Friday, September 30, 2022

Resident says casino would benefit Marion County

To the Editor:

I’m with the guy who questioned why there isn’t a casino in Marion County. I think there should be as well. There is no reason there can’t be places for families, kids, and then adults.

And we’re talking casinos for adults, not topless bars. They’ve got bingo places, they sell lottery tickets, so why can’t they have slot machines? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. They’ll get their tax money no matter what kind of entertainment it is, and probably more with a casino.

If people want to go spend their money on slots, let them. Just think of all the people that would be gambling instead of spending money on drugs. You figure that having fun is a drug in itself since it’s addictive the same as so many bad things. Not to mention having people gathering in one spot makes it easier to watch them. That way, they spend all their time and money on slots, and then they won’t have any left for bad things.

Look at all the crime that is already in Marion County – people shooting and murdering, drunk driving, raping, and stealing. They’ll be so busy having a good time, spending money in the county and all in one place, that they won’t have the time or the energy for any shenanigans.

Go freedom of choice. Don’t know about you, but I thought I was supposed to be a free American.

Rhonda Holly
Anthony resident

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