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Ocala residents respond to recent letter that voiced concerns about city

An Ocala resident recently submitted a Letter to the Editor stating that the city is “nothing to be proud of.” In response to that letter, multiple Ocala residents wrote in to share their thoughts on the city that they call home.

“I just read a letter from an unhappy resident of this city and felt I had to write a rebuttal. While I can agree that SR 200 is a nightmare, and there are an astonishing number of new gas stations and car washes, I have lived in Ocala for 14 years now and have witnessed wonderful positive progress here. Ocala is blessed with beautiful parks – Tuscawilla, Shalom, and Silver River, to name a few. Not many cities can boast of such an abundance of green spaces. We have a lively arts community, a wonderful concert venue in the Reilly, and an outstanding museum in the Appleton. Our downtown is bustling with excellent restaurants, unique shops, and entertainment. Is Ocala perfect? Well, of course not, but I find plenty to recommend it,” says Ocala resident Cheryl Dornbush.

“As a 30-year resident of Ocala I have seen many changes, but in the last several years I find it disturbing to see what is happening to our Horse Capital of the World. With so many residents voicing their concerns, one would think that the ‘powers that be’ would listen. It is obvious that no one is listening. It has been stated before about the abundance of gas stations, car washes, and traffic, especially on SR 200; a lack of adequate schools and/or teachers; and a lack of school bus drivers, yet it continues. Someone needs to be held accountable. Good luck with that,” says Barbara Weglarz, Ocala resident.

“Well, you can see by yourself that the ones who are stopping the progress in Ocala are the same ones who complain now – the “old people.” The old people are the ones who complain about Ocala having an “international airport.” They don’t want any kind of progress. They don’t want Ocala to have a Major League Baseball (MLB) team (or a Minor League Baseball team), a National Football League (NFL) team, a hockey team, or something that the community could spend time watching as a family. Nothing – they don’t want any of that, and now they complain about how Ocala is “nothing to be proud of.” The old people in the community of Ocala are 100% opposed to progress. What are they talking about?” says Ocala resident Luis Santos.

“In response to Ocala resident Regina Pickett: thank you for your informative ‘Letter To The Editor’. It says a lot. A lot about you and your attitude. Why should anyone ‘provide’ you, seniors, and children anything? There are many, many things to do in this town. Look around. All you are looking for is services to provide you with conveniences. Please, please take advantage of this great real estate market. Sell at a profit and move far away from Ocala and all the things you do not like. Ocala is a great market because people want to move here. The reason they want to move here is that Ocala is a fine place to live. I wish you the best in your search for happiness,” says Jeff Rice, Ocala resident.

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