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Friday, September 30, 2022

Ocala resident says city is “nothing to be proud of”

To the Editor:

I agree with the gentleman who submitted a previous letter about building here. There is nothing to do for seniors. Every place you look, another gas station is coming up, a car wash, what have you.

State Road 200, OMG, that highway is a nightmare to get anywhere and the lights are poorly timed. The street and highway departments don’t know what they are doing. I have never lived in a city as poorly done as this, and I’m trying to leave due to this.

Get something in here for seniors and kids. Get a bus system going, something to do, and stop with these gas stations. I would like to see a Costco come in, along with more stores that are worth something. I can’t find clothes in my size to save my life, and I’m tired of having to drive long distances just to do anything.

Some people are rude when voicing their opinions – it’s shameful. Please listen to us when it comes to this place. I, for one, will be glad to leave and never look back. What is wrong with this city? Have respect when it comes to us, please.

Ocala is a city for no one to be proud of. Have respect for our kids because they need to have something to do. The racetrack was removed to put up yet another huge building. For what?

This city is nothing to be proud of. Shame on you, planning committees.

Regina Pickett
Ocala resident

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