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Monday, December 11, 2023

Good Samaritan saves driver and passenger after crash on I-75

To the Editor:

I was heading up to Orlando on July 7 when something crazy happened on I-75 North, near County Road 466, shortly before midnight.

With a loud bang, I saw that the car in front of me collided with some piece of big debris in the road, launching the car into the air before crashing down hard. The car spun like crazy, flipping over and over, defying gravity as it went. Eventually, it came to rest in the middle of the road, a total wreck.

But amidst all the chaos, something amazing happened. Out of nowhere, a blue car screeched to a stop, its hazard lights flashing like crazy in the dark. A guy jumped out, ready to face whatever dangers lay ahead.

Without hesitation, this dude raced towards the crashed car, heart pounding with adrenaline. He knew he had to check if anyone inside was okay, but the wreck had messed up the doors real bad, making it impossible to open them.

But this guy wasn’t gonna give up. He saw that the car was leaking fuel, and smoke was coming from the front, completely destroyed. It was a ticking time bomb. He sprang into action, helping two people escape through the moon roof. He managed to get them out safely and guided them away from the wreck, over the guardrail. Then he called 911 for help.

As time went by, the car’s headlights died, leaving it in complete darkness. Vehicles were zooming by, barely missing the wreck. If it wasn’t for this hero’s quick thinking, those folks would have been smacked by another car for sure. He used his own car to light up the scene, warning other drivers of the danger. What a legend!

'Hero' comes to rescue of motorists after their car crashes into debris on I-75
A man using his vehicle to light up the scene of an accident on I-75 to warn passing motorists (Photo: Jonathon Snobers)

But this guy didn’t stop there. He knew he had to help the injured girl who was driving until the ambulance arrived. He checked them both out, gave them first aid, and kept them calm. He was a real pro, even though it was pitch black outside.

Once the paramedics came and took over, he made sure the victims were in good hands and then went on his way. Nobody knew his name, except at some point I think he told the male passenger his name was Dan.

Last night was a real nightmare, but this dude turned it around. He saved lives, kept his cool, and was pretty much just awesome. In the face of danger, he was a shining example of heroism. It’s moments like these that remind me how incredible humans can be.

Jonathon Snobers
Ocala-News.com reader