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Monday, December 11, 2023

More readers want a local Costco

Several readers submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to share their thoughts on bringing a Costco to Ocala/Marion County.

“Competition helps lower prices between stores in the same area, especially when those stores carry similar items. Sam’s Club doesn’t have any competition, like a Costco, so they don’t have any pressure to lower prices. As long as they consider traffic issues, there shouldn’t be any problems putting in a Costco in Ocala,” says David Wallace, Ocala resident.

“All the fuss about the Sam’s Club entrance would be less if those “powers” that say we don’t need a Costco would relent to the wishes of the people,” says Ocala resident Terry Treesh.

“I’m totally in favor of Costco coming to town. The community will benefit from good products and prices. Traffic will be concentrated to the area it resides instead of being scattered all over the area. It is a better choice than Sam’s Club as I have been members of both. If trees are removed, then have them replaced around the parking lot. In these financial times, we need all the resources we can get to save money as well as a central place to buy other necessities,” says Joe Perry, Dunnellon resident.