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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

A bigger animal shelter is needed in Marion County

To the Editor:

I just got done reading the letter about building an ice rink in Ocala/Marion County. I am not opposed to adding new amenities to our county, but there are county issues that need to be addressed before any new recreational facilities are even discussed.

Our county is growing by leaps and bounds, except for the county’s animal shelter. Built in the early 1990s, the Marion County Animal Shelter has far exceeded its capacity long ago.

County residents have voiced their concerns with the commissioners of Marion County but it has fallen on deaf ears. None of the commissioners seem to have any compassion or empathy for the crowding at the shelter and euthanasia of animals just for space.

As the county’s population grows, so does the animal population. Before any land is granted and any monies are given for recreational facilities, we need a new and bigger animal shelter for our homeless pets. If people want to find activities for themselves or their children, try volunteering at the shelter. The time spent there pays dividends.

Help us be the voice for the voiceless and demand Marion County build a new shelter before pursuing any other new projects.

Violet Putschko
Dunnellon resident