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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

More readers want a local Costco

More readers submitted letters to Ocala-News.com to voice their support for bringing Costco to the Ocala/Marion County area.

“I’m in favor of having a Costco in Ocala. I hate traveling all the time to Orlando, when my hometown is in Ocala. We need more competition. Sam’s Club is a nightmare a lot of the time where they are located, with the traffic in the parking lot, and I’m not talking about getting gas. At Costco, I love the quality of items in food and clothing, as well as electronics. I really wish we will get Costco here,” says Ocala resident Judith Velez.

“Please get a Costco in Ocala. Sam’s Club is not cutting it!” says Susan Briderick, Ocala resident.

“I would love to see a Costco here in Ocala,” says Dunnellon resident Geneva Heyden.

“It would be a great idea for this store because it’s a great value for the city of Ocala or Gainesville with its prices and jobs,” says Kevis Sanders, Orange Lake resident.

“Gainesville and the University of Florida would greatly benefit by having a Costco here. A Bed, Bath, and Beyond just closed off University Avenue. It is a huge space that could accommodate a Costco and would be a wonderful location for it. Please consider this idea,” says Gainesville resident Rebecca Garrett.