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Karin Charalambous

Karin Charalambous
Karin Charalambous

Karin Charalambous, age 89, of Ocala, Florida, passed away peacefully with her children by her side.

Karin Doll was the oldest of four children, she was born in Hamburg Germany on December 4, 1934, to parents Henny and Georg Doll. Karin grew up in the small town of Altona in Hamburg, Germany, with her two brothers Juergen and Norbert and sister Maren. Karin grew up during the very tumultuous times of World War II and during the war Karin lost her father Georg and her mother remarried to Eric Weber. Once the war ended Henny and Eric took the family to the USA, they traveled by sea on the Italia and made residence in College Point, Queens, New York in 1954.

While Karin was going to school to obtain her citizenship, she met her future husband Nicolas G. Charalambous who was born in 1929 on the Greek island of Cyprus. Even though they both were from totally different backgrounds and were both learning the English language they fell in love and were married in 1957, they had two children Nicolas Jr. and Elena.

Karin was first a wife and mother, but she did have a passion for orchids, sewing and quilting. During her working days she was a seamstress and worked for Playtex International. When it was time to retire, Karin and Nick did plenty of traveling, and eventually moved from New York and made their final residence in Ocala Florida in the Oak Run community.

Karin made many friends and had a very good life with her husband. They enjoyed the comradery of their neighborhood friends. She enjoyed entertaining friends and family, and her home was always inviting. She continued to enjoy her hobbies of raising orchids and most notably quilting, which she won numerous awards and were on display throughout her home.

Karin was happily married to Nicolas for 67 years and she will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

Karin Charalambous is survived by her loving Husband Nicolas G. Charalambous, son Nicolas Charalambous Jr., daughter Elena Fingerle, son-in-law James Fingerle, brother Juergen Doll, sister Maren Hasenkopf, and brother Norbert Doll, grandson Nicholas Fingerle and granddaughter Alysia K. Charalambous.