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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

15 signs removed from Ocala intersection in violation of county code

Marion County officials say they collected over a dozen signs at one intersection in southwest Ocala that were in violation of county ordinance.

In a statement shared on Friday, June 21, the county reminded residents that signs in “public right-of-ways” are considered littering and are “prohibited in Marion County.”

According to the county, last week, at least 15 signs were removed from the intersection of SW 66th Street and County Road 475A.

“Make sure when you are placing temporary signs near roadways, you meet Marion County community standards,” reads the statement from the county.

Any signs that are not in compliance with Marion County’s Land Development Code are regularly removed and disposed of at the Baseline Solid Waste Facility, which is located at 5601 SE 66th Street in Ocala.

According to the county’s sign placement guidelines, temporary signs of “any kind” must be placed 10 feet back from the road right-of-way. All temporary signs must also be located “outside of a clear-vision area,” which is a “triangle-shaped area extending 25-40 feet along the road right-of-way from intersections.”

For more information on the county’s rules on signs, visit the Marion County Sign Placement Guidelines.