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Michigan trucker jailed after dispute in Ocala truck stop parking lot

A 62-year-old Michigan truck driver was arrested Wednesday night after he allegedly showed a gun during a parking lot dispute at Love’s Travel Center in Ocala.

Ocala felon accused of asking woman to help dispose of gun

A homeless man with a criminal record was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly lured a woman into the woods behind an Ocala Circle K store and tried to get her to help him dispose of a gun.

Ocala man charged with battering woman and threatening her with knife

An Ocala man is in the Marion County Jail after he allegedly battered a woman, took away her phone so she couldn’t call for help and threatened to kill her with a knife.

Ocala woman gives phony name to deputies serving her a warrant

An Ocala woman was arrested recently after she reportedly gave a false name and resisted deputies who were serving her a warrant.

Ocala sex offender jailed after registering a day late

An Ocala man was arrested Monday after he showed up a day late to update his registration as a sex offender.

Marijuana found in Ocala man’s pocket during battery arrest

An Ocala man had marijuana in his pocket when he was arrested after a fight in the Ocala Estates neighborhood.

Lawn mower-driving Ocala man accused of strangling woman

An Ocala man was arrested after he allegedly strangled a woman two weeks after she kicked him out of her home.

Ocala man accused of battering pregnant woman

An Ocala man was arrested after he allegedly battered a pregnant woman while she was driving.

Ocala man jailed after fight with elderly family member

An Ocala man was arrested Monday after he admitted to knocking down a 69-year-old man during an argument over financial and family issues.

Sex offender blames COVID-19 quarantine for not registering

A convicted sex offender from Ocala says he failed to register in April as required by law because he was in COVID-19 quarantine.