Yesenia Martinez

A dispute between roommates culminated with an Ocala woman allegedly turning her dogs loose on a woman and man she formerly shared a home with.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies had to sort through conflicting accounts before deciding to arrest Yesenia Martinez, 27, of 1521 N.W. 39th St., on Wednesday.

Martinez was the only one present when deputies responded. She said she had told the victim and her boyfriend they needed to leave the home immediately, and the victim responded by grabbing her by the neck, picking her up and dragging her about eight feet across the front porch, a sheriff’s office report states.

Martinez said she then got up and an argument ensued until the victim grabbed her by the hair and began punching her in the face repeatedly until she bit the victim in the stomach to get her to let go.

A deputy contacted the victim, who said she and her boyfriend were the ones who called 911. They said they were on the way to her mother’s house in Georgia because they don’t feel safe living in the same area as Martinez.

According to their account of the incident, Martinez stormed into their room, cursing and screaming while they were packing and told them to leave immediately. The victim said Martinez then picked up some of her belongings and threw them onto the porch and front yard. When the victim went to pick up her things, Martinez attacked her and pushed her to the ground before going to the front door to let out her dogs, who began barking aggressively, the report says.

The victim’s boyfriend said Martinez went to the back of the home, kicked in the door of their room and again began throwing their belongings into the yard. The victim said when she went to stop Martinez, the largest dog jumped on her, knocking her to the ground, and bit her twice in the stomach, the report says.

The boyfriend said once he got the dog off the victim, Martinez placed the dogs in the home, left the property and headed toward the landlord’s house. She allegedly told the couple she was going to get a gun and take care of the situation, the boyfriend said, adding that he and the victim loaded their belongings into their vehicle and left as soon as possible.

The victim emailed deputies a photo of her injured stomach from the car. Meanwhile, Martinez did not have dirt on her clothing consistent with being dragged across the dirt-covered porch, nor did she have any visible injuries or broken eyeglasses to support her account, the report says.

When a deputy was examining the back door, Martinez walked in and said, “What are you going to do, charge me for kicking in my own door?” That led the deputy to believe the couple’s account, the report says.

While being arrested, Martinez pulled away from deputies with such force that she had to be taken to the ground and restrained for transport while kicking and screaming. She was transported to the Marion County Jail and charged with simple battery and resisting an officer without violence.

Martinez was released the next day on $2,000 bond and no court date was set for her to answer to the charges.