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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Letter to the Editor: The local litter issue – a very real problem

Littering is an equal opportunity habit. Young and old and everywhere in between. I’ve seen litter fly out of high end vehicles, people with jobs, and nice homes – that probably don’t like litter on THEIR street. While enjoying the outdoors – you would think those folks would care more than some – nope. Folks leave litter on the glass-bottom boats! And just about everywhere else – no matter how remote – river shores, hiking trails. There’s even litter in the Villages! The main difference, compared with some areas, is that litter is picked up very regularly, which does not seem to happen in this town – especially just outside city limits. I personally clean up several roads near my home. Within 24 hours, it begins to re-appear, sometimes sooner than that! Add to this, the debris left by local homeless – clothing, uneaten donated food, syringes, tons of styrofoam cups, illegal abandoned campsites, etc., and the wave of litter can be overwhelming!

Lynn Radok

Silver Springs

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