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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Marion County Community Cleanup group needs volunteers for Maricamp, Silver Springs Blvd

The Marion County Community Cleanup group is looking for residents interested in keeping the county clean after their first successful cleanup earlier this month.

The group hosts regular cleanup events all across Marion County, with their most recent event taking place on Saturday, June 5. During that event, volunteers covered a 1-mile stretch of Highway 484 in Marion Oaks and collected over 240 pounds of garbage.

Marion County Community Cleanup
Marion County Community Cleanup volunteers gathered over 240 pounds along Highway 484

The next two events are scheduled for Saturday, July 3 along Maricamp Road, and Saturday, August 7, along West Silver Springs Boulevard.

Earlier this year, Marion County Commissioners derided the amount of litter across the county as disgusting and encouraged residents and businesses to take action.

“Over 150,000 pounds of litter were collected by people walking on our roadways,” said Stone, referring to a recent litter report. “If you see somebody [littering], let them know to stop being a litter bug.”

The Marion County Community Cleanup relies on resident volunteers and local sponsors to help keep the county clean and beautiful. For more information on how to volunteer or contribute, visit the Marion County Community Cleanup Facebook page.