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Monday, November 29, 2021

Do you think Ocala needs more fine dining options?

Residents have shared dozens of letters and hundreds of comments with Ocala-News.com about wanting more fine dining options throughout Ocala. 

Currently, there are a handful of fine dining options scattered throughout the city. With the exception of a couple country clubs and hotels, the vast majority of those establishments are located in and around downtown Ocala. 

Shrimp cocktail menu at Marks Prime Steakhouse Seafood in Ocala Florida
Mark’s Prime Steakhouse & Seafood is one of a handful of fine dining options around the city of Ocala

The downtown area boasts four restaurants that consider themselves fine dining: Mark’s Prime Steakhouse, Katya Vineyard, La Cuisine, and Ipanema Brazilian Steak House, which is located at 2023 S Pine Avenue. 

Chilean sea bass at Katya Vineyards in downtown Ocala Florida
Katya Vineyards serves a variety of fine dining dishes along with award-winning wines

Braised Onion and Mesa de Notte offer fine dining options in east Ocala, while Sky Fine Dining services a portion of southwest Ocala from the Holiday Inn located at 3600 SW 38th Avenue. 

Calamari garlic champaigne at La Cuisine in Ocala Florida
La Cuisine offers a taste of French, Italian, and American dishes at its Downtown Ocala location

Outside of those listed, the options are limited throughout the city and rest of Marion County.

Multiple residents in and around On Top of the World have expressed their desire to see new developments in southwest Ocala, and specifically, fine dining. 

“Southwest Ocala needs fine dining restaurants instead of all the fast food places we currently have,” said Lillian Piersante in a letter to the editor.

What types of fine dining restaurants would you like to see come to Ocala and Marion County? Share your thoughts in a letter to the editor.