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Monday, July 12, 2021

City, county need to use aging buildings to house homeless

To the Editor:

Good morning. It grieves my heart😪. They continue to think about themselves, What about the homeless people? Not just the veterans, but all the homeless people. Build another building or use some of these buildings that are forty or fifty years old to house the homeless. The city ran them out of the woods where they weren’t in the way of anyone. They started camping out by Interfaith, they have put up signs there. And then you want to arrest them for open lounging. Where should they go? This city continues to build gas stations, hospitals, fire stations, and that’s good. But I never see any articles about helping the homeless people. Please make it make sense 🤔 Just remember one thing, all these people in authority making these decisions: Do know that you will have to answer to God one day?

Jacquelyn Goodman
N.W 2nd Street

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