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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Start a village for homeless with tiny homes constructed by Habitat for Humanity

To the Editor:

I was just reading a letter regarding the homeless situation in Ocala. It is an eye sore to be sure, not just the fact that it looks bad to visitors, but what about these homeless people?  How do they feel? Not having a roof over their heads, out in all degrees of weather. Including dangerous lightning storms.

It was my intention several years ago to address this very situation. There was an RV park behind Sam’s Club that I believe was purchased by Frank Stronach for a future restaurant. Anyway, I was thinking what a great place to start a village for the homeless. All the power, septic and water is already in place. Tiny homes could be constructed by the Habitat for Humanity. It is fenced for security and could be a gated community of sorts.

Just fuel for thought! I’m sure money talks, but I think this is a great idea!

Thanks for the opportunity to voice my idea.

Carolyn Tanner
Morrison, Marion County

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