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Monday, August 8, 2022

I wish there was a public park in my part of Marion County

To the Editor:

Thank You for your article on pocket parks in Ocala. I wish there was a public park in my part of the County! I officiate weddings and have brought hundreds of couples from Ocala and nationwide to Williston in Levy County because that is the closest park to me. I’m a couple of miles from HITS, we have miles of beautiful horse farms, but not one park. Williston appreciates the exposure and couples return to celebrate the holidays and their anniversary. A pocket park near 326, West of US 27 would be greatly appreciated. This is a gorgeous part of Marion County. Sadly, NW Ocala is missing out.

Wendy Thurow
Morriston, Marion County

To the Editor:

Ocala has multiples of lovely parks located throughout the city. However, not a single one exists on the northwest side of the city! I would love to have the luxury of a lovely park to visit without having to take a small road trip.

Kathy Anaya

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