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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Lifelong Ocala resident hopes for more adult and young adult activities

To the Editor:

Good day to all.

I was born and raised in Ocala so I have literally lived here my whole life. I think something that people don’t understand is that the town is missing family oriented activities and attractions.

I personally miss Wild waters and the animal attractions in silver springs. I actually feel like that their absence has left that area more sketchy looking.

I understand many want to keep the small town charm. There is a way to have a happy medium: There are so many old buildings here that they could utilize to make huge changes in the area.

Why not a larger miniature golf course or go kart racing? What about an arcade that is a little more mature oriented and fun for young adults to go to?

Laser tag would be amazing in one of the old grocery store fronts. Just like what they did with Skyzone. We need more stuff like that.

Having more options when it comes to shopping, eating out, or things to do doesn’t mean we are destroying the small town vibe.

This town is known for small businesses and what better opportunity would it be for the town to invest in capitalizing on that need in this area.

As a native to the area I feel like people need options for good clean fun. To celebrate birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, promotions, dates and just to have a good ol time.

Just a thought.

Davie Richardson

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