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Fountain Villas looking for approval of new 122-unit, duplex-style development near Belleview

A developer is hoping that county commissioners will ignore the Marion County Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation that a new 122-unit, duplex development be denied from moving forward.

Fountain Villas will seek proposed rezoning of land for a 122-unit, duplex-style, residential development near Belleview during the regular meeting of the Marion County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday.

The applicant, Flying Eagle Resources LLC, is asking the county for a zoning change from R-1 (Single Family Dwelling) to PUD (Planned Unit Development) for a 35-acre parcel of land located northeast of Belleview, south of Silver Springs Shores, and east of SR 35, between SE 92nd Loop and SE 96th Place Road. The developer seeks to create duplex style homes intended for work force housing, according to county records.

The proposed site for a 61 lot, 122-unit residential duplex near Belleview
The proposed site for Fountain Villas, a new, 122-unit residential duplex development near Belleview

County staff, along with the Planning and Zoning Commission, are recommending that the commissioners deny the request as they have concerns that the proposed rezoning is not compatible with the surrounding trend of single family residential development that already exists in the area.

Written objections were received from 6 of the 32 property owners who live within 300 feet of the property, and a petition against the rezoning was signed by 90 individuals.

Under the proposal, multi-family homes would be built in couples with at least two being joined by at least one common wall. These proposed duplex homes are intended by the developer to be marketed to individual owners who will own both units in each individual building.

Fountain Villas interior design elements
Fountain Villas interior design elements

According to the county, the arrangement could lead to the individual owners living in one unit while renting out the other, or the owners could rent both individual dwelling units, leading to at least half of the dwelling units becoming rental units.

During discussions earlier this month, county staff and the Planning and Zoning Commission expressed concerns with the need for additional development, citing single family homes that currently exist to the west and south in the Golf Park – Unit 1 development, and to the west in the Fountains at Golf Park development. More over, single family homes are planned for the R-1 zoned parcel to the north of the proposed parcel, which is also owned by Golf Park.

According to county staff, a duplex style development that provides work force housing is not consistent with established zoning in the area.

“While multi-family housing is needed within Marion County, a duplex style development to provide work force housing, which would include rental properties, is not consistent with the R-1: Single Family Residential development that has already been established in the immediate area,” reads county records.

Commissioners will discuss the matter during their next regular meeting on Tuesday, November 2. The Marion County Board of County Commissioners meets regularly on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 9 a.m. at the McPherson Governmental Complex, which is located at 601 SE 25th Avenue in Ocala.

The board and the Ocala City Council have been busy approving a slate of new developments all across the county in recent months.

In October, multiple residential developments received the green light from local officials including the Ocala South Townhomes and West Shire Village. Earlier this summer, Brick City Lofts and Lamplighter Legacy Apartments received the green lights on their downtown Ocala developments.