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Peaceful View Of Smith Lake In Belleview

Check out this peaceful view of Smith Lake in Belleview. Thanks to Erin Sullivan for sharing!

Patriotic Owl In Belleview

This patriotic owl was spotted perched by a flag in Belleview. Thanks to Donna L. Maholage for sharing!

Marion County firefighters rescue horse trapped in Belleview septic tank

Marion County firefighters are being lauded for their efforts Friday in saving a horse that had fallen into a septic tank in Belleview.

Hawk On Top Of Flag Pole In Belleview

Check out this hawk perched on top of a flag pole in Belleview. Thanks to Erin Sullivan for sharing!

Oft-arrested Belleview man jailed after caught driving with burned-out headlight

A Belleview man with a history of driving without a license was jailed Monday night after he was caught driving with a burned-out headlight.

Belleview woman behind bars after being accused of tossing urine at...

An agitated Belleview woman accused of tossing a bowl of urine at her man friend is behind bars in the Marion County Jail.

Marion sheriff searching for bandit who ripped off generator from Belleview...

Marion County sheriff’s deputies are searching for a generator thief who recently targeted a Belleview residence.

Belleview man jailed after violent battle with woman over missing surveillance...

A Belleview man was jailed Thursday after a nasty tiff with a woman who asked him about her missing surveillance camera.

58-year-old Belleview pedestrian killed in hit-and-run crash

A 58-year-old Belleview woman was killed early Monday morning when she was struck by a hit-and-run driver.

Sunset Off Of Abshier Boulevard In Belleview

Check out this beautiful sunset off of Abshier Boulevard in Belleview. Thanks to Amber Porter for sharing!