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Friday, November 5, 2021

Residents share more videos, photos of black bears in Marion County

Multiple Marion County residents shared black bear videos with Ocala-News.com in recent weeks.

Black bears spotted around Marion County
Black bears have been spotted all around Marion County this fall season

Check out some of the video clips that were shared by other Ocala-News.com readers:

Multiple residents have shared stories about spotting black bears across the vast majority of Marion County, including sightings in Marion Oaks, Salt Springs, and the Ocala National Forest, to name a few.

Marion County resident Ken Marshall shared these photos taken one evening of a couple of bears in his yard.

Bear in backyard Ken Marshall
Black bear spotted in Ken Marshall’s yard

Bears in the backyard Ken Marshall
Ken Marshall shared these photos of black bears spotted in his yard

Steven Redler shared this photo of a couple of black bears spotted on a neighboring property’s driveway.

Bear on driveway approaching garage Steven Redler
Steven Redler shared this photo of a bear on a nearby driveway

Do you have any photos, videos or encounters with black bears in Ocala and Marion County? Share your videos and photos with us through our photo submission webpage. Or share through our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram social channels.