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Friday, December 2, 2022

Former Ocala resident says city should resume Amtrak services

To the Editor:

I was born in Ocala, and in my entire life there were always Amtrak services until the services were cut. I was told that it had to do with costs. It was convenient to use Amtrak to go to south Florida or anyplace else. Ocala has a beautiful airport but there is no commercial airline service for people to use. I truly believe that if Ocala was able to resume Amtrak service, folks would use it.

It could be done cost-effectively with just a little planning. It would also attract the folks that live closer to Ocala but have to travel to Jacksonville or other cities that Amtrak services.

I would also like to add that Greyhound Bus lines stop in Ocala but most folks don’t know where the bus station is located. It is inside the Flying-J/Pilot truck stop on Highway 326 and I-75 which is several miles from Ocala. When the train station was operational, Greyhound was located there. Much more convenient for people to use.

Since the population of Marion County has increased greatly, I believe that it would be a win-win situation for everyone. Let’s bring it back!

Martin Marszalek of Gainesville

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