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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ocala resident voices concerns regarding property taxes, road assessments

To the Editor:

I would love to know why homeowners are being assessed for public roads instead of collected taxes being used. The residents of Marion County already have a very high tax rate – even with an exemption for being a senior and a homestead exemption. When I moved here four years ago, I was shocked by the tax rate. My family, who does not live in Marion County, has an even higher tax rate on a significantly smaller property and house. Where is the tax money going?

I realize that Ocala has some serious growth problems that are not being managed by the powers-that-be. Using tax money to build new roads and then taxing current residents to repair their roads is, at best, unfair. Are new homes being assessed these huge bills for their new roads? Perhaps the residents should have a say in this matter.

My house has significant frontage on two roads. I guess I would be forced to sell and move if our road would need improvement. It seems crazy and unfair to force residents to leave their property over the money needed for public roads. Why don’t we just stop paying property taxes and save our money for road assessments? Now that seems fair.

Vicky Benzenbauer
Ocala resident

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