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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ocala residents discuss need for road repairs, improvements

In response to a recent Letter to the Editor that discussed concerns regarding road assessments and property taxes, several Ocala residents wrote in and shared their thoughts and concerns on the topic:

“As a homeowner, we are assessed on our public road frontage, and then if repaired, it goes up. I live on a ‘county maintained’ road that is in desperate need of repair. It’s a residential road only, so it’s rare they ‘maintain’ it other than occasional mowing. Taxes are already high enough, and I’m pretty sure if (as they should) repair it, taxes will go up.  I pray for repair and no increase, but I doubt either will happen. I also feel a senior citizen that has lived in Marion County for an extended amount of years should be exempt. My husband and I both have lived here almost our entire lives and would love a little relief,” says Ocala resident Julia Poehlman.

“We live in the Ocala Ridge area where some streets are paved and most in this development are not, which is a serious problem. First, whenever there’s an emergency, whether a fire or medical reasons, first responders would have a problem getting to a fire or responding to a 911 emergency. Second, when approaching traffic that is coming in the opposite direction, it forces one or the other person to pull off the side of the dirt and risk getting stuck. And we pay taxes as well as homeowners with paved streets. We need improvements in the Ocala Ridge area. We’re only one mile from the up-and-coming equestrian community,” says David Gadsden, Ocala resident.

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