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Friday, August 12, 2022

Marion County residents discuss littering issue

Several Marion County residents wrote in and shared their thoughts and concerns on the amount of litter found throughout the county:

“I continue to see trash littering the roadways, parking lots, shopping centers, private businesses, homes, and empty fields throughout Ocala and Marion County.
I believe it will be in the best interest of the citizens of this county to start placing fines for littering, and those should include businesses since they should be held accountable for their appearance. In the coming months, the city and county need to hold a ‘Clean Our Town’ campaign twice a month, and get the citizens and officials involved in picking up trash. Keep Ocala Clean and Green,” says Ocala resident Vicki Briggs.

“Management of litter and trash on our roads is being challenged by the impressive growth of our communities. In ‘The Shores,’ there are currently 1,500 new homes in process, thereby – without management – accelerating that challenge. The Community Challenge is to educate and motivate our neighbors to recognize and respect that we are, in fact, ‘neighbors’ and ‘families’ as well as ‘representatives’ of the Great State of Florida,” says Stan Saint-Louis, Silver Springs Shores resident.

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