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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Another Ocala resident speaks out against proposed toll road

In response to a recent Letter to the Editor that raised concerns regarding a proposed toll road in Ocala, another local resident wrote in and voiced her concerns on the topic:

Currently, we have an issue with homelessness. Looking at the proposed toll road, over 1,000 homes would be demolished between I-75 and Dunnellon. Do you really think all these people have a place to move to?

Farmland that has been in families for generations would be mowed down and paved over. Gopher tortoises, owls, scrub jays, and other wildlife would be killed. We already have birds nearing extinction. Pollution of our aquifer from runoff would kill our water system.

Why? So a few people could get to Tampa and save 10 minutes? What is wrong with the Florida Department of Transportation and commissioners for even thinking this is good for Ocala? Widen I-75 and improve present roads first. Stop trying to destroy the reason most came to Ocala in the first place: to enjoy the green life. Save it now. Once you destroy, you can’t undo.

Lynnda Butler
Ocala resident

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