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Monday, May 16, 2022

Several more Ocala residents share concerns on roadside trash

Several more Ocala residents wrote in and shared their concerns on the amount of roadside trash found throughout the city:

“I see there is another article concerning trash in Ocala. So, other citizens besides me know there’s a problem in this county, and I’m sure the county leaders read these articles and comments about the amount of trash throughout Ocala. So, why isn’t something being done? I have never seen any county or city sanitation worker out removing or picking up debris and trash from Ocala. The amount of trash is getting worse day by day. To the citizens of Ocala that do this: please stop and do your part to clean up this town,” says Ocala resident Vicki Briggs.

“The amount of roadside trash has substantially increased over the last two to three years. Those who have been fined for community service need to be activated. Is the issue getting worse due to an increased population and illegals who couldn’t care less? Regardless, our government officials need to address this and utilize tax dollars appropriately,” says Daneene Johnson, Ocala resident.

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