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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Belleview Police Department surprises girl with new bike

Belleview police officers recently surprised a young resident with a new bicycle.

According to the Belleview Police Department, corporal Harrington investigated a case earlier this week that involved the theft of a young girl’s bicycle.

The bicycle had been stolen from her residence. After unsuccessful attempts to locate it, the corporal reached out to chief Holland and made plans to purchase a replacement.

On Wednesday, corporal Harrington, officer Macaluso, and officer Eckert visited the girl’s residence and surprised her with a brand-new bicycle along with a lock.

Belleview Police Department surprises child with new bike
BPD corporal Harrington, officer Macaluso, and officer Eckert surprised a girl with a brand-new bicycle

The girl was appreciative of the Belleview Police Department’s generosity.

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