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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ocala resident says seniors are being overlooked

To the Editor:

I am piggybacking off a letter I just read about removing taxes from seniors. Yes, as a senior who has worked since age 14, I truly feel (as many others do) that senior citizens are left to fend for themselves.

We have paved the way for the upcoming generation, yet there are so many programs that we don’t qualify for. Living on a fixed income, health prevents many seniors from working to supplement their income.

I’ve heard many say that they choose between medicine or food, or they eat once a day. Then when you shop, you can’t afford healthy foods. I’m baffled, often standing in line at a grocery store with my few items, then a well dressed and manicured young lady approaches with a basket of mostly junk food and pulls out a SNAP card.

It saddens me to know how many seniors suffer, and our elected officials ignore it or do nothing to assist. I’m thankful for COLA increases to social security, but Medicare will zap a portion of that by raising premiums.

We aren’t looking for handouts but a hand up. We aren’t looking for red carpet treatments. Just give us the due courtesy and respect we’ve earned and contributed to society.

Iris Lewis
Ocala resident

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