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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Residents share thoughts on growth in Ocala/Marion County

Several residents across Marion County wrote in to discuss the topic of growth in Ocala/Marion County.

“It seems like Ocala is growing so fast that it will be like Orlando soon. What happened to our little town? I moved here in 1999. It seems like our county commissioners only care about how long they can stay in office and how much money they can retire on. So sad,” says Ocala resident Michelle Rosen.

“I have been in Ocala for over seven and a half years and I have found that this town is very helpful. There are good churches and excellent doctors. I am staying here. God bless you all,” says Tina Howerton, Ocala resident.

“If you are tired of people moving to the area, let me invite you to leave. I’ve heard that the population density in Alaska is low. This is America – you do not get to move here and then shut the door behind you. Property rights used to end at your property line. Since when was all of Marion County part of an HOA?” says Dunnellon resident Beau Vaughn.

“I came to Ocala 15 years ago and I loved this beautiful small town. The people were so nice to each other and it was quiet. The roads at 7 p.m. were empty with no traffic, and I never used to see policemen. However, now I can’t go to sleep without the police sirens going on. There are so many new people moving into Ocala – some are good and there are some that are not so good. I’ve been thinking about moving farther out to the country. My question would be: why do I have to move out?” says Rosa Pereira, Ocala resident.

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